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Liberal Arts Guidelines for Written Work

All written work* must meet the criteria below to be accepted for grading. Work that does not meet the criteria will be immediately returned to the student. The student must visit the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for help in revising the work and then resubmit the work no later than the next Module.
A one-letter grade penalty will be applied to all resubmitted work.

All written work must: 

  • be spell checked and grammar checked and proofread for errors not caught by computer check.
  • Always include a heading containing
    Student's Full Name, Class Title & Section. Submission Date, Instructor's Name.
  • be typed and double-spaced.
  • cite references used according to MLA style, (unless otherwise indicated by instructor).

» Click here to see more information and examples of MLA style.

Students are encouraged to use A Writer's Reference by Diana Hacker for help with MLA style, revision, punctuation and sentence style.

The Academy of Art University Plagiarism Policy as defined on page 231 of the 2003-2004 catalog is:
" All writing and artwork must be written in the student's own words. Any quotes or paraphrases from source material must be properly footnoted. Any student who plagiarizes will receive a grade of F for that project and/or the final grade and is grounds for dismissal.

The above policy constitutes an official warning to each student. Any violations will not be given a second attempt to correct. If you have further questions about plagiarism, please see your instructor."

» Click here to learn how to avoid plagiarism.

Grading Scale
A = outstanding work
B = above average work
C = average work that meets all stated criteria
D = below average work that fails to meet stated criteria in one or more areas
F = work that fails to meet stated criteria in all areas

* Please note that although discussion responses should have proper grammar and spelling and be void of plagiarism, MLA formatting guidelines may not apply to these submissions.