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Academy Resource Center (ARC)

ARC Training and Tutoring

To request more information about the services we provide, call or email us:
Phone: 415.618.3865

ARC Training & Tutoring is located at 79 New Montgomery Street, 3rd Floor, (Rooms 311-314).

  • The ARC Tutoring Computer Lab is located at 79 New Montgomery St. (79NM), Room 311  (Stations A-E).
  • The ARC Tutoring Drawing Labs are located at 79 NM, Rooms 313 and 314.
  • ARC Labs which require special facilities or equipment, as well as those on evenings or weekends, may be scheduled in other buildings.
  • Wyn Thomas's office is located at 79 NM, Room 311 (between Stations C and D).
  • Jim O'Hara and Gwen Snider's office is located at 79 NM, Room 312.


The Academy Resource Center (ARC) offers free, small-group tutoring to all students, both undergraduate and graduate, for all majors and courses, through On-Campus and Online Labs. Our services provide individualized attention from experienced tutors to small groups of students. Students may be referred—or seek tutoring themselves—through the ARC's Student Academic Support (SAS) department, and academic coaches from SAS will assist students by referring them to the appropriate educational support options.

These Labs combine the personalized attention of tutoring with the accessibility of Department Workshops to provide another option for all (not just at-risk) students seeking one-time or short-term help with the most frequently requested courses, software, and skills. For your information, the Spring 2014 semester runs from Monday, January 27, 2014 to Saturday, May 17, 2014. However, all ARC Tutoring Labs start on Monday, February 3, 2014 (Week #2) and run through Wednesday, May 14, 2014 (Week #15)—there are no ARC Labs scheduled on Sunday, March 16 through Saturday, March 22, 2014, due to the Spring Break.

On-Campus Labs

  • On-Campus Labs take place in the Computer Lab (Room 311) or Drawing Studios (Rooms 313/314) at 79 New Montgomery, 3rd Floor. Labs which require special facilities or equipment, as well as Labs on evenings or weekends, may be scheduled in other buildings.
  • Students sign up for a 50-minute appointment with an ARC tutor using TutorTrac online at Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mercury (for the iPad) are the recommended web browsers.
  • Click to download the On-Campus Schedule and Student Guide to making and cancelling appointments.
  • If you have questions about On-Campus Labs, please call (415) 618-3865 or email

Online Labs

  • Online Labs provide all AAU students with live, synchronous (real-time) support with an experienced and knowledgeable tutor via online chat, video, screen sharing, file sharing, and conference call.
  • Students can make appointments using TutorTrac online at Appointments are recommended but not required, and there is no limit to the the number of students who may enter an online classroom at a given time.
  • Students access Online Labs through Adobe Connect by clicking on the corresponding link in Online Lab List + Links. For help, see Student Guide, including online log-in instructions.
  • All schedules are listed in Pacific or California/West Coast Time (PT)— see this map. If you have questions about Online Labs, please call (415) 618-3994 or use Skype (a free web-based chat service) at aaututoring.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of these free services to help them with their classes and assignments; however, they should also make use of other support options, including Department Workshops, to avoid falling behind. All tutoring is provided by current faculty, alumni, and technical staff. ARC Tutoring should not be regarded as a substitute for attending class and is effective only in conjunction with continued, regular weekly attendance and full participation in class.