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Tips for using HTML in Discussions

Use basic HTML to add web enhancements in your online discussions.

Learn HTML tags to do the following:

  • Insert images
  • Create links
  • Use bold/italize/underline
  • Increase font size
  • And more!

Text Effect
  HTML Tag
bold text
  <B> text </B>
Italic text
  <I> text </I>
Underlined text
  <U> text </U>
bold italic text
  <B><I> text </I></B>
bold italic underlined text
  <B><I><U> text </U></I></B>
Orange text
  <FONT COLOR="orange"> text </FONT>
Red text
  <FONT COLOR="red"> text </FONT>
Green text
  <FONT COLOR="green"> text </FONT>
Blue text
  <FONT COLOR="blue"> text </FONT>
Violet text
  <FONT COLOR="violet"> text </FONT>
centered text
  <CENTER> text </CENTER>
right aligned text
  <P ALIGN="right">Text in here is pushed to the right</P>
Link to your email address
  <A HREF="mailto:youremailaddress">text</A>
Link to another page
  <A HREF="http://www.webaddress">text</A>
Font Size
  <FONT SIZE="-1">text</FONT>
Font Size
  <FONT SIZE="+1">text</FONT>
Font Size
  <FONT SIZE="+2">text</FONT>
Font Size
  <FONT SIZE="+3">text</FONT>
Combining commands
(bold/color/font size)
  <B><Font color="red"><FONT SIZE="-1">
Insert an image from the web
  <img src="image address (URL)*">
Align an image: left, right
  <img src="image address (URL)*" align=left or right>

To find the address (URL) of an image from the web:
PC users: right click on image, choose properties, copy url address
MAC users: control click on image, choose open image in new window, copy URL address of new window