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Improving Time Management for Online Classes

Online Classes Require as much Time And Commitment as Onsite Classes

  • Make sure you have all the necessary texts and supplies before the term begins to avoid falling behind in your assignments.

  • Check the day and time of your deadlines for discussion responses, quizzes, projects and exams—mark them on your calendar.

  • Set aside a specific time period at least twice a week to log onto your class (one of these days should be early in the week).

    - Plan to spend 3-5 hours per week reading the online material, participating in discussions, and taking quizzes for each class. Allow additional time to complete projects.

    - Try to work on your class during the hours of the day when you are most alert.

  • Avoid distractions such as surfing the net, shopping online, playing games, chatting, or emailing your friends during the time you've designated for your class.

  • Take advantage of down time spent on the bus or waiting in lines to review online class material by printing modules and taking them with you to read.

  • Be aware of time zone differences. Deadlines for online classes are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  • Get help early if you think you may need it. For example, it can sometimes take up to two business days to get a response from an online writing lab tutor.

  • Check out this Time Management website for some great tips and exercises.