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Tips for Taking Notes in Online Class

Note taking is a strategy to help understand and retain information in a class.

How to take notes:

  • Summarize the main ideas
  • Keep notes brief
  • Choose main headings and sub-headings carefully

Why take notes?

  • the act of writing can enforce ideas and information
  • note taking can help in learning, remembering, and understanding
  • can help on quizzes and in formulating answers to discussion questions
  • notebook information is readily available for studying
Example of a notebook summary of Aristotle from LA 303 -
Critical Thinking and Philosophical Concepts
Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.)
- student of Plato
- first systematic thinker of Western Philosophy
- first to name the various sciences
- especially interested in biology and physics
- a moral relativist
Connects concrete forms with the ideas--(Plato placed more emphasis on the ideas and essences of things):
1. material - the matter that composes something
2. formal - possibilities of a thing
3. efficient - the trigger / starter
4. final - the "why" / purpose
Three parts to the soul
1. nutritive - needs that sustain life
2. sensitive - the instincts
3. rational - thinking (only humans)
Practical Wisdom (phronesis, moral / political concerns )
Theoretical Understanding (episteme, science)