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Getting Started in your Online Class

Before classes start:

  • You should receive a letter and email with your username and password before classes begin. If you don’t receive your login information by the first day of classes, contact the Online Help Desk.
  • Check for required texts, materials, and software for your classes: Go to the semester you’re enrolled in and open the course descriptions for your classes:
  • Check the course descriptions to see if you should expect to receive a CD ROM by mail for your class. Many online classes use these. If you do not receive your CD ROMs by the first day of classes, contact the Help Desk.
  • Download and review the Student Guide To Online Classes before logging in:

Your First Day of Class

Read the class home page carefully and find out:

  • how to communicate with your instructor
  • how the grading is done
  • the day and time of your deadlines for discussion responses, quizzes, projects and exams.
  • Mark them on your calendar.

Take a tour of your online class site:

  • find the syllabus and modules
  • enter module 1 and click through the first few sessions
  • preview quizzes, slideshows, glossaries, or sound files
  • click on the discussion page and read the first discussion topic
  • click on the topic “WELCOME” and introduce yourself
  • visit the Instructor’s Office
  • find your class email and check for new messages and announcements

Routine Checklist for Each Module

  • Check your homepage daily for news, email messages, and announcements.
    (NOTE: The homepage will only show that you have new messages, not new announcements.)
  • Read through the course module, view any slideshows or videos, listen to any soundfiles.
  • Post discussion response(s) before the deadline.
  • Complete any additional reading, quizzes, projects, or textbook assignments.

Need Assistance With Your Online Course?

The Online Help Desk can help you with technical and general problems.(For example: login difficulties, questions about downloads, using course CD's, posting discussion responses, using class e-mail)
call: (U.S. toll free only) 1-888-431-2787 (ARTS) or (International only) +1.415.618.3545

Need Writing Help?

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) can help you with essays and other writing assignments. You can contact an OWL tutor from your course homepage.

Need English as a Second Language (ESL) Support?

The Online Language Support Team can help you with English language-related issues. You can link to ESL Support on your course homepage.

Need Help with Advising or Registration?

You can call Student Services 1.800.544.2787 (ARTS) or 415.618.6508