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Tips for Giving Effective Feedback on a Classmates' Artwork

If you wish to give helpful feedback, you should:

1. Start with something positive. Be sure to comment on what is working.

2. There is always something good that can be pointed out, even if a piece needs a lot of work.
Try to mention:

  • a creative idea
  • an effective choice of colors
  • the beginnings of a strong design
  • a good understanding of the course material

3. Be honest
Remember that you are trying to help each other improve.

4. Be tactful
Phrase your feedback with the artist’s feelings in mind. Read Tips for Giving Suggestions in a Tactful Way

5. Be specific
Words like good, weak or interesting are very general. The artist should be given enough information to know which areas (Foreground? Upper right hand corner?) and.htmlects (Composition? Color choice? Subject matter?) you are talking about. Explain with details and examples what is good, weak or interesting to you.

6. Critique the artwork, not the artist.
A single piece doesn’t reflect an artist’s overall ability. Make comments that focus on how the piece is working or can be improved.

7. Prioritize and limit feedback.
If you find many areas that need improvement , sometimes it helps to break down your feedback into a list of “big things” and a list of “little things”. Consider choosing 2 or 3 of the “big things” to focus on for your feedback.