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Tips for Online Etiquette

Even though you are not face-to-face with classmates and instructors in online classes, the communication that takes place is still among real people. Just as courteous behavior is necessary in person, it is necessary online. Here are a few guidelines to help you communicate effectively and respectfully in your online class:

Write in a calm voice and avoid using all capital letters.

Use inoffensive language.
Cursing, racial slurs, and other types of language that would not be appropriate in an onsite class are also inappropriate online.

Avoid using humor and sarcasm.
Humor and sarcasm often rely on facial expressions, tone of voice, and cultural understanding to be effective. In written form, humor and sarcasm could be interpreted as offensive.

Contribute without dominating the discussion.
While it’s important to write thoughtful responses on the discussion board, writing too much is like talking too much in onsite classes. If you’re unsure about how much to write, ask your instructor.

Keep writing style formal.
Not all online instructors will penalize your grade because of a few grammatical errors. However, abbreviations and informal language should be avoided. “CU L8R” or “I’ll send it 2 U”.