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Midpoint Reviews

Request for Midpoint Review (MPR) Support

The Academy Resource Center (ARC) provides written and oral language-based support for Graduate students who need help expressing ideas related to their Midpoint Review Proposal. The ARC does not provide MPR content tutoring.

Requests for MPR Support must be made at least 7 business days before presentation date.

NOTE: Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

1. Student Contact Information:

*First name:
*Last name:
*Student ID Number:
*I am giving my MidPoint Review: On Campus Online
*Written Proposal Due Date:   ,
*Presentation Date: ,
*Major: Specialization:

*2. I would like to have an ESL Teacher attend my MidPoint Review:


3. I am requesting MidPoint Review Support because (check any that apply):

I am a Non-Native Speaker of English.
I have a documented learning difference (Documentation on file at Classroom Services)
I have failed my Midpoint Review.
I have taken ESL classes at AAU.
I received a Conditional Pass and need to resubmit.
I am being referred by my director or teacher.

4. I need help with (check any that apply)

Oral Communication Skills:
General Presentation Skills
Pronunciation Skills
Using Note cards effectively
Writing Skills:

5. I have taken, or am currently taking: (Check one only as recommended or required by your department)

ADV 616: Advanced Advertising Concept Development
ANM 670 MS: Preproduction
ARH 619 MS: Intermediate Design
CANM 643 MS: Interactive Design and Concepts
FA SCU 644: Final Project Seminar
GR 618 MS: Visual Literacy
GS 650: Preparing for the Filmmaker Thesis Project
GS 612: Writing & Research for the Master's Student
PH 680 MS: Thesis Project Seminar
IDS 605 MS: Thesis Preparation

I have read and agree to the conditions in the Student Contract to receive Midpoint Review (MPR) Support.