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ESL Support Qualifications Policy

Classes designated “ESL” in the course offerings will have an ESL Support Instructor assigned at the beginning of the semester.

The ESL Support Instructor will attend the first class to determine if the student(s) enrolled in that class qualify for continued in-class support.

ESL support is currently available ONLY to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Are currently enrolled in one of the following classes:
    ESL 1/601, ESL 2/602, ESL 3/603, ESL 4/604, LA 103, LA 106, ESL 605 or ESL 606;
  • or
  • Students who are no more than one semester removed from any of the above-listed classes.


If there are no students who qualify for ESL support in an ESL designated class, that teacher will be re-assigned to a different class to help students who do qualify.

Students in classes with no ESL designation may also qualify for in-class support if they meet the criteria listed above. Students should ask their classroom teacher to contact ESL Support to request further assistance.

ESL students should make every attempt to enroll in ESL-designated art, design, Graduate Studies (GS) and Liberal Arts (LA) classes if available.

All students, domestic as well as international, may make use of the services of an ESL Support Instructor which are already being provided for qualifying students. These services includ ESL study groups, Speaking Lab and Midpoint Review workshops.

All students are welcome to contact the Academy Resource Center (ARC) for assistance with academic issues.

For further information contact the ARC office:
Phone: 415.618.3917