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How To Practice Your Presentation

Don't read your presentation.

  • You can memorize your introduction and conclusion so that you can relax while you are speaking.
  • You will be able to look at the audience and give an impression of confidence.

Practice out loud from beginning to end many times. 

  • Practice in front of a mirror, a friend, or into a tape recorder. 
  • Time yourself and use your visual aids.  This is very important because:
    » You won't have to worry during your presentation about running out of time.
    » You will know how much extra time you will need to show your visual aids. 
    » You will have worked through any problems in handling your visual aids.

Focus on your delivery

  • introduce yourself
  • look at the audience
  • smile
  • pay attention to the audience's reactions
  • use descriptive language
  • appeal to the emotions and experiences of the audience