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English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Department of English as a Second Language provides international students at the Academy of Art University with a unique program which integrates the study of art and language. We are strongly committed to the goal of helping students succeed in their art and design classes while working to improve their English throughout their academic program.

Services Available On Campus

ESL Classes
Highly qualified English instructors prepare international students to succeed in their art and design classes by teaching art vocabulary, presentation, writing, listening and conversation skills.

ESL Art Support Program
English teachers attend specified art and design classes and work with international students to review lectures and demonstrations, comments from critiques, new vocabulary, and instructions for assignments.

Writing Lab
English instructors tutor students individually, by appointment, to help them with written assignments. Assistance is available for all undergraduate and graduate students.

Speaking Lab
English instructors help international students improve their speaking skills through individual presentation practice, group pronunciation workshops, and conversation groups.

English instructors in the EAP Lab provide one-to-one tutoring and language learning assistance to students enrolled in all EAP (English for Art Purposes) classes. Students should utilize the EAP lab (not Writing Lab or OWL) for assistance with their EAP-related writing assignments.

Multimedia Labs
Students use the Multimedia Labs to practice English language skills. The two labs have 20 stations each where students can watch videos, use language learning software, gain access to the Internet, do word processing, and listen to and record audio.

Services Available Online

Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Students can send their written assignments to English instructors who respond by email with their written comments.

Online ESL Support
English instructors are available in many online classes to help international students with course content, new vocabulary, instructions for assignments, and tests.

Online Speaking Lab
Online English instructors help students improve their speaking skills through conversation groups and individual presentation practice in an online meeting room.