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Interpreting and Transcribing Services
for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students

Classroom Services will coordinate interpreting and/or transcribing services for deaf or hard of hearing students registered with the office. Sign language interpreting and transcribing services are available for classroom and lab requirements as well as academic advising and meetings with other university offices.

All Classroom Services interpreters are interviewed by the Director of Classroom Services and are selected based on an assessment of interpreter/transliterating skills, experience in a post-secondary setting, and the ability to handle discourse at this level.

To request interpreter and/or transcribing services for meetings with University officials complete the following steps:

  1. Request services with the office of Classroom Services at least five working days in advance. Requests for advising, meetings with instructors, or any other university meeting should be made in writing via email or by completing a service request form available at 180 New Montgomery, Room 267.
  2. If you develop a good rapport with a particular service provider (interpreter or transcribers) and would like to continue working together, you should contact the Director of Classroom Services with this request.