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Online Language Support Request Form

Welcome to Online Language Support (OLS). This service has been developed to support international students in your online class. At this time, OLS is limited to students who need English as a Second Language support in online classes. OLS instructors will respond to your questions using e-mail.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your language skills by trying out this service!

For writing assistance, please use the OWL (Online Writing Lab) or visit the On Campus Writing Lab at 180 New Montgomery St., 2nd floor.

NOTE: Items with an asterisk (*) are required.
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example: LA 121
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example: OL 2
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*What do you need help with?
Understanding Difficult Concepts
Understanding Key Vocabulary
Developing Reading Skills
Participating in Discussions
Understanding Difficult Concepts
Reviewing Class Sessions
Learning Notetaking Skills
Preparing for a Test or Quiz
Communicating with the Teacher
Understanding an Assignment
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For writing assistance, please go to OWL (Online Writing Lab)
Would you be interested in a study group for this class on the Academy of Art University campus in San Francisco?
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